Cafe Spice Namaste supports ‘Too Good to Waste’ Campaign

(5th October 2011) Chef Patron Cyrus Todiwala and Pervin Todiwala of Cafe Spice Namaste are among the early champions of the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s ‘Too Good to Waste’ campaign, launched in London today at St John’s Square, Clerkenwell.

An initiative of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), the campaign aims to help reduce food waste in UK restaurants by encouraging diners to take home their leftovers. The SRA, a not-for-profit organisation that helps restaurants become more sustainable through guidance and support, is providing restaurants with 25,000 100% biodegradable ‘doggy boxes’ manufactured by London BioPackaging. The boxes are suitable for recycling and composting and are available to restaurants free of charge.

Cyrus Todiwala said, ‘Food waste is a perennial problem and fortunately, it has started to receive the recognition required for real action to be taken. That my industry is also taking the matter into its own hands is encouraging. Pervin and I and everyone at Café Spice Namasté are extremely proud of our Three Star Sustainability Champion status from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and we’re throwing our weight completely behind the SRA’s Too Good to Waste campaign, pledging to make good use of the biodegradable doggy boxes that will be circulated to restaurants like ours.

Although happily, not too many of our customers tend to leave food on their plates, knowing that they can take home the food they can’t finish in environmentally-friendly containers is great. It also helps get around what seems to be British restaurant-goers’ collective embarrassment about asking for doggy bags. In Asia we do it all the time. I’m sure this campaign will start a positive cultural shift that helps to minimise food waste!’

Other celebrities, chefs, restaurateurs and sustainability campaigners are likewise supporting the ‘Too Good to Waste’ campaign, including food writer and broadcaster Matthew Fort, Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare, Thomasina Meirs, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Bruno Loubet. According to the SRA, on average a UK restaurant generates 21,000 tons of food waste every year. That could mean a lot of doggy boxes.

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