Chef Cyrus Todiwala launches the ‘Skinny Indian’ Menu circa 2013

With acknowledgements to writer and gourmand Zoe Perrett, we reproduce an excerpt from her 3rd January 2013 entry on her food blog, ‘The Spice Scribe:An edible exploration of India’s food traditions’


Unorthodox Detox- take the ‘Healthy Indian’ approach

Cafe Spice Namaste

With his tongue firmly in cheek as ever, Cyrus has decided January is the month of the ‘Skinny Indian’. Light on calories and simply massive on flavour, the dishes utilise Greek yogurt, whole grains, and olive oil to render them almost saintly. Knowing your Isle of Mull scallops are sustainable and your chargrilled coconut cod MSC-certified extends the satisfaction.


You won’t get a franky like Cyrus’ on Chowpatty beach- this one comes with Greek yogurt raita and winter carrot slaw. He’s even managed a trim makeover of Goan-style confit duck legs, bulking the dish with fresh, herby rice and serving with griddled onions. The maligned sprout is also given a chance- shredded, spiced, fried in ‘little dollops’ and served in a light gravy. Slimline Goan- give it a try.

Cafe Spice Namaste, 16 Prescot St, London, E1 8AZ,

The ‘Skinny Indian’ menu is available throughout January. For more information and to book, visit

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