Cyrus Todiwala and Nina Wadia cook a Curry for Change

(13th June 2012) Actress Nina Wadia joined Cyrus Todiwala in Cafe Spice Namaste’s demonstration kitchen today to change lives through Indian Cuisine. It was all part of  the Curry for Change campaign launched by poverty charity Find Your Feet.

Cyrus Todiwala and Nina Wadia in the kitchen

Curry for Change aims to raise awareness of Find Your Feet’s work with poor, rural families in India and raise vital funds to change lives through the celebration of Indian Cuisine. The campaign will run throughout the month of June 2012. 

Cyrus and Nina, both Indian Parsees, cooked dishes from Cafe Spice Namaste’s special Curry for Change menu which will be available throughout June and July with proceeds going to Find Your Feet. Together they made ginger rice and two specialities of Lucknow (where Find Your Feet’s India office is based) – Shahi Paneer (Indian whey cheese simmered in milk with spices, cashew nuts, raisins and lotus seeds) and Shammi Malao Kavaab (minced organic goat meat cooked with split yellow peas and spices, ground, formed into patty shapes and grilled).  

 Cyrus shared his top tips (did you know that powered cinnamon, turmeric, honey and ginger paste makes a great natural remedy!) along with kitchen secrets and educated the audience on the curry regions of India and what makes a ‘real’ curry. But they both agreed you can’t beat your mothers cooking! 

 Nina shared stories of home cooking and curry on tour as an actress with the Goodness Gracious Me cast and explained that some of the inspiration for the characters and the catch phrases such as ‘you can make it at home for nothing’ came from her very own family dining experiences.

Cyrus said, “My wife and I are from India, and we have witnessed firsthand the isolation and lack of hope of those who have too little too eat. There is poverty of the stomach but there too is poverty of the spirit, and persistent disadvantage and deprivation  can do that to you. We are committed to helping, where we can, in our own small way, a charity like Find Your Feet  dedicated to lifting physical circumstances and give people life chances. And when food is involved, and the chance to work with one of Britain’s bright young stars who shares our ethos, there can’t be much to hold us back.”

Nina Wadia said, “I am delighted to be able to support the Curry for Change campaign. I have a real passion for cooking so I am really excited about working with a great Chef like Cyrus Todiwala in his kitchen to create something delicious this June. It also means a great deal to me to be able to support the campaign and raise awareness of families who suffer from hunger around the world. It’s difficult to imagine not having enough food to feed your children but this is the reality for many of the families that Find Your Feet works with, which is why I think it’s so important that we all get involved this June to enjoy some great food and raise vital funds to change lives.”

For more information on Find Your Feet, contact Laura Perkins  and Jessica Ridgewell or  / 020 7326 4601

With thanks to Lisette Barlow for the photo.

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