Galleons of Spice

Award winning chef and charismatic food presenter Cyrus Todiwala OBE travels on a gastronomic tour of Goa and Portugal to discomver the food, people and culture exchanges that have connected these two incredible lands for over 500 years.

Following the age-old spice route between India and Portugal, Cyrus not only discovers UNESCO world heritage sites and stunning landscapes, but also the worldwide effects of the 15th century European ‘Spice Race’. He then returns to his internationally renowned restaurant in London, Cafe Spice Namaste, where he creates a new fusion menu, inspired by the trip, and serves it to a panel of his fello chefs and friends…

Mr Todiwala and the Galleons of Spice is a fascinating journey that mixes high-end cookery with adventurous travel and intriguing historical and cultural insights. Join Cyrus as he samples and creates delicious dishes that are sure to set your eyes, minds and mouths on fire!

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